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Suzuki's talent education and other methods influence my lesson plans to develop well rounded and happy musicians. The ultimate  goal is to educate happy, healthy well-rounded musicians that have  the technique and expressive means to enjoy a life time of music no matter what path they have chosen.

Providing for the student

  • Every child has the ability to learn and brings his or her own unique and positive qualities. All students regardless of age, level, ability, learning challenges or physical development will receive instruction catered to their specific needs.

  • The student’s musical development (and the methods for teaching) should be directly related to their age and cognitive development.

Work ethic

  • The cultivation of musical excellence and a fine character go hand in hand as we strive to do our best, develop discipline and appreciate hard work. 

Creating the environment

  • A positive and patient environment is essential for productive lessons and practice. Happy kids learn better.


  • Aural development and technical facility should be developed in tandem from an early age.

  • A well-rounded music education includes the development of a complete skill-set:  technical proficiency on the instrument; the ability to perform in a healthy way; awareness of style and form; a practical knowledge of music history, rudiments and harmony; fluency in aural skills; and the ability to make music with others. These should be taught from the first lesson. 

Efficient practice is key to success

  • My commitment is to make sure students have the information they need in order to succeed at home.

  • Teach the student what to listen for, and how to problem solve, so that they become their own teacher.

  • Provide constructive criticism using positive reinforcement

  • Reasons for practicing are made explicit

  •  Finish each lesson with a positive overlook of the lesson


My Students