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Hybrid lessons mean that students receive both in person and online lessons throughout the year. Students aged 3 and older always have their lessons at the ASA studio. To do this various technologies are used.


One very important factor is that ASA has a community of amazing students and parents that meet up each week in group classes and other studio events throughout the year. Such as studio recitals, picnics, parent nights and more.

The ASA studio is set up with the best audio, video and environment for students to learn seamlessly.




My story about online lessons

I had been teaching in my hometown for 6 years (starting in 2007) with students that have been with me from the beginning. They knew I was moving to America (in 2014) to continue my studies and in the year leading up to moving they had to find another teacher, however some of them didn’t want to. I was skeptical at how online lessons was going to work so when I traveled that year I did trial lessons with my students, which to be honest didn’t work that well for various different reasons. I developed new methods of teaching and gave specific guidelines for Skype setup so that when I moved to America it was ready to go. I have now been teaching via Skype for 8 years. I can say that my students improved more once online lessons became established. I have also learned from my violin professor and other teachers using online methods. Since the pandemic I have been able to improve the quality of online lessons. I switched to zoom, renovated the Tauranga studio and equipped it with new technology for both the private lesson and group class room. 

Benefits of the hybrid lesson structure

































Meet some students


                                 Meet Gianna

Gianna was 4yrs old when she started learning online. Her mum had the first few lessons while Gianna watched. When Gianna learned how lessons would work she then started having lessons. Gianna and her mum work beautifully together and have awesome focus and posture. That's not to say we have some mischief happening sometimes as well.

                               Meet Livia.

Livia is a transfer student. She began lessons with me in person for 3 months before switching to online lessons. Her mum was initially worried about online lessons but took the risk because of the progress her daughter had made. Although Livia misses the in person experience, it hasn’t stopped her from improving at lightning speed. She still has a lot of fun from online lessons and her studio mates at group class.

Group classes

Here is a sneak peak into what group classes look like when I am in San Diego. We have a great group of supportive parents and the students love meeting up each week to play music together. 

birdie song 2.jpg
Picnic and a concert
Parent night
ASA Tauranga studio

   1. Being able to learn from an internationally highly qualified and experienced teacher and performer.

    2. Students become more independent. Amelia is very specific and direct with her teaching method that allows the student to successfully play something during the lesson. This enables the student to recreate this success at home. Clear communication, common-sense approach to the instrument makes learning to play the violin easy and fun

    3. Students learn how to navigate and start a metronome, get their music out and find the starting place, become more aware of sheet music in general and they learn how to tune their instrument using a tuner.

    4. Instead of the parent sitting and watching the teacher work with the student they are now actively watching or doing and hence become confident as the home teacher. My parents know how to fix collapsed bridges, tune with pegs and fine tuners, change strings and much more. 

    5. Parent may be unwell or unable to get to the studio on-time will not impede lessons at home.

    6. High-quality, tailored learning plans for each student = quick progress and high levels of motivation

    7. Regular goal setting, performances and evaluations = confidence boosters, tangible goals and measurable results.

    8. All teacher notes are written on google docs and are shared with the student/parent. 


    9. Questions throughout the week are answered on WhatsApp. You will never feel disconnected from me.

Group classes

Group classes
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