Distance learning

No matter where you are in the world, you will get a highly qualified and dedicated violin teacher. My skype and in-face students receive no different treatment, only the medium in which they have lessons change. 
Parents with a busy schedule can now have the flexibility with lessons from home sometimes at hours in which lessons are not available.


My story about distance learning
I had been teaching in my hometown for 6 years with students that have been with me from the beginning. They knew I was moving to America to continue my studies and in the year leading up to moving they had to find another teacher, however they a good handful of them didn’t want to. I was skeptical at how distance learning was going to work so when I traveled that year I did some trial lessons with my students, which to be honest didn’t work that well for various different reasons from Skype set up to my style of teaching. I developed a different method of teaching and gave specific guidelines for Skype setup so that when I moved to America it was ready to go. I have now been teaching via Skype for 5 years and I can say that my students improved more when I left so now I use everything I have learnt from distance learning to all kinds of mediums. Since moving to Michigan, my professor also gave me and all his students Skype lessons about once a month so I have learnt a lot from giving and receiving lessons via Skype.

Why Zoom can Work

 -Clear communication, common-sense approach to the instrument makes learning to play the violin easy and fun.
- High-quality, tailored learning plans for each student = quick progress and high levels of motivation
- Regular goal setting, performances and evaluations = confidence boosters, tangible goals and measurable results.
-Detailed notes: All notes are written on google docs and are shared with the student/parent


My students are
-In and out of the Suzuki books
-Better at practicing and achieving goals on their own (because they have achieved it in their lesson)