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Scale class


A portion of the class will be dedicated to balance, breathing and beautiful posture (Violin set up, bow hold set up). 


Class time will also be committed to strengthening our scales, increasing awareness of our fingerboard geography and pitch through a variety of exercises and exploring many types of rhythms.

The class will start with 2 octave scales, then progress to 3 octave scales. 



Suitable for Suzuki book 3 students and up that have some experience in reading music. Email if you have any questions. 



Playing Scales together will promote greater technical facility, better pitch, and a greater architectural understanding of the fingerboard.


These classes will provide the essential foundation for playing the violin enabling the violinist to creatively express their repertoire.


Composers base their music on scales which is why learning scales is so important if we want to play our pieces beautifully and with accuracy. 


CLASS SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am (30mins) held on Zoom. Starting February 9th. Students can join at any point in the year. 


The proposed schedule allows students to meet with me twice a week. This level of commitment, and exposure to a professional violinist, can enable mastery of your technical skills.


COST: Tuition for this class is $100 per month paid by internet banking due on the first of every month. 


VIDEO REPLAYS: All students will receive video replays for the classes they couldn’t make or to practice with between classes. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: This class does not replace your lessons with your private teacher. This will support the hard work both you and your teacher invest in your development as a violinist. 

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