New Zealand violinist Amelia Taylor has an active international career as a performer and pedagogue. Amelia is founder and director of ArcaSōnica, a chamber music collective that tours annually in Mexico bringing fresh and exciting performances with international musicians, as well as masterclasses, chamber music coachings, and side-by-side concerts with youth orchestra programs. 

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What I offer



30min, 45min or 60min lessons from my home studio. 

Lessons are tailored to the individual 

Group classes

Weekly 45min group lessons.


Lessons focus on review, new and old technique, ensemble skills, listening, rhythm. 



I offer weekly chamber music coachings throughout the year. Individual or pre-formed groups welcome.

Chamber music is one of the most beneficial, supportive and fun ways to improve your playing. Not only will students refine fundamental skills such as rhythm, pitch, timing and dynamics, but chamber music also develops creative thinking, co-ordination, memorisation, social and emotional skills.


My students perform in two studio recitals a year. 

I also prepare my students for solo ensemble and other performance opportunities. 

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Scale classes

Twice a week held on zoom

Playing Scales together will promote greater technical facility, better pitch, and a greater architectural understanding of the fingerboard.


These classes will provide the essential foundation for playing the violin enabling the violinist to creatively express their repertoire.